4 Tips to Buy Weed Online in 2021

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4 Tips to Buy Weed Online in 2021

With so many options online, how can we be sure to find the best quality cannabis and cannabis products from BC Canada?  How can we also be sure that we are also enjoying our shopping experience, with first-class customer service and cannabis education? 

Online shopping can be confusing sometimes, and the pandemic of 2020 has taught us the importance of knowing which online retailers we can trust.  When choosing your online dispensary, here are some points to consider in order to avoid shady dealers and questionable products, while instead finding the finest quality products and customer experience around. 

1. Quality – Buy Weed Online

Be aware of what you are getting with promises of cheap weed. If your dispensary has a lowest price guarantee on their marijuana flowers, chances are they are not selling the highest quality AAAA weed.  Quality marijuana buyers and online dispensaries will pay their cannabis farmers a fair wage, while providing fair prices for marijuana to their buyers.  Often, its the older, more stale strains or the crops that did not turn out as well that are sold at the lowest prices. 

If you are looking for quality strains, expect to pay more for the freshest, top quality sativa, indica and hybrid strains.  If you want cheap weed ounces, try to find high-quality B-Grade flower that is grown with organic growing practices, from the same company that sells the AAAA of that strain.  Then you know that it will come from the same quality plant as your more expensive popular strains. 

There are a wide range of factors to consider when assessing the quality of your mail order marijuana flowers. More important that a massive selection is the quality of the farming practices. The same AAAA OG Kush grown by two different farmers can have very different results and levels of quality.  Harmful pesticides can give marijuana users nasty headaches and more. The most medicinal cannabis products are organically grown, well flushed and carefully cured.  A greener cannabis industry helps to ensure that cannabis plants are grown naturally and organically, and that cannabis buyers have the option to buy green medical marijuana products that are free of harmful residues. 

2. Selection – Buy Weed Online

Check the online marijuana dispensary‘s selection of concentrates and edible marijuana.  While it is important to find a nice variety of products, the largest variety is not the only thing to look for, and can sometimes be confusing.  It is best when a weed dispensary curates their very favourite products into their cannabis shop.  This way, you do not have to use trial and error to find the very best quality weed products.

Be sure that your vape cartridges are not made with additives such as propolyne glycol, vegetable glycerine or vitamin E.  These can be harmful to the lungs.  Responsible cannabis vape companies will use either distillate or a whole plant concentrate, mixed with terpenes.  There is no need for these other additives. 

 The magic of marijuana candy starts with the source materials used.  There are a broad selection of quality medical weed gummies and chocolates out there.  Questions to ask yourself: What product information does the dispensary give about them? Are they using organic products? What is the process for creating the product? Are they using cannabis distillate? Or is it another form of cannabis concentrate?  Do you know the difference in range of effects between whole plant edibles and  To get the best effects, look for a a nice variety of products that are free of unnecessary additives, using the best available ingredients, and of course made organically, with love.

3. Education – Buy Weed Online

You probably have questions about cannabis, about how it can help with a variety of ailments.  Be sure to communicate these questions to your dispensary.  Cannabis is a holistic health product, and your dispensary associate should be able to steer you towards preparations that are best suited to your needs, and may even help you with more problems than one. 

Some questions you may want to ask are: Which products are better for night time users? Which products are better to use during day time? Which strains or preparations might be best for certain desired results, such as muscle relaxants, anxiety relief, pain relief, sleep aid etc.   If you are seeking recreational cannabis, then ask which products have the most potent effects.  If your dispensary associate answers these questions thoughtfully, and thoroughly, giving you simple instructions that are easy to follow, you have probably found a good dispensary.  If they do not know all the answers, but still can direct you to how to find out more information, they are likely honest and fair in their business dealings as well. 

4. Service and Efficiency – Buy Weed Online

At this point, online dispensaries can be found in every Canadian Province, and shipped anywhere in Canada.  You will want to make sure you feel cared for with regards to ordering and support.  Be sure to check that their Mail order Marijuana packages are discreet, with absolutely no cannabis odour, and unmarked by any branding, to avoid theft enroute. When looking into option for mail, be sure that you can get your packages shipped Canada Xpresspost.  This will ensure that you get your order as quickly as possible.  How is marijuana ordered online delivered to ensure it is going to someone of legal age? Reputable dispensaries will ask you for proof of age, so be prepared to upload your ID before making a purchase.  Some cannabis stores offer home weed delivery services.

If you are lucky enough to have an online cannabis store in your area, check with them to see if they offer same day delivery.  Finally, many online dispensaries accept Interac E-transfers as their main source of payment.  Interac e-transfers are a secure way to send money from your bank to another bank account without sharing any banking information.  The other party only gets your email address.  While this is not absolutely necessary, e-transfers that are signed up for auto-deposit are the most secure, and cannot be hacked as easily as password protected e-transfers. 

Hopefully these considerations help you feel confident about buying quality cannabis products online.  Wishing you bright horizons in finding premium marijuana strains and products, while enjoying an unparalleled classic marijuana experience !

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