Masterfully Crafted Cannabis

We are a small, family run online dispensary offering the best craft cannabis products that our islands have to offer.

We ship Canada-wide and offer discreet delivery to the homes or accommodations of people on Salt Spring Island.  

In the Gulf Islands, off the west coast of BC, we are known for our high quality artisan products, our natural farming practices, and a long standing tradition of high quality cannabis production, which exemplifies a fusion of these.

At Island Herb, we work with a handful of farms and artisan producers, who put the utmost care into their products, and truly infuse them with love. 

We curate our menu carefully, selecting only choice aromatics and aesthetics, always with a clean finish.

Plants are organically grown in small batches using traditional methods and innovations, shared over decades in B.C.’s southern island communities, an area well known for producing some of the best cannabis in the world.  

Always well flushed, slow dried, carefully cured and trimmed by hand.

Products are slow-crafted using the best ingredients, preferring quality over quantity.

We honour small business practices that treat everyone, from farmer to customer, with fairness and integrity.

Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 10am – 3pm and occasional Saturdays between 10am and 1pm

Salt Spring Island Deliveries: Weekdays between 4 and 6 pm. Same day delivery? Make sure to complete your order before noon.

For Saturday deliveries, please contact us. 

We ship to Canadian addresses daily, Monday thru Friday.  

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We curate our cannabis menu carefully, selecting only choice aromatics and aesthetics; always with a clean finish.

We honour small business practices that treat everyone with fairness and integrity.

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