4 Tips to Buy Weed Online in 2021

4 Tips to Buy Weed Online in 2021 With so many options online, how can we be sure to find the best quality cannabis and cannabis products from BC Canada?  How can we also be sure that we are also enjoying our shopping experience, with first-class customer service and cannabis education?  Online shopping can be confusing sometimes, and the pandemic …

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Recipe: CBD Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate CBD 1

CBD Hot Chocolate Get cozy this holiday season, cup of CBD hot chocolate.  CBD is known for having a relaxing, anti anxiety and anti-inflammatory effect on the body and mind.  This simple CBD hot chocolate is excellent on a cold winter evening, and may help to ease you into a relaxing and nourishing sleep. The …

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How to Use Cannabis Responsibly

Cannabis affects each person differently.  Among cannabis users there is a very wide range of tolerance levels, depending on experience, frequency of use, and sensitivity to the plant.   With so many cannabis products on the market, potency levels are also greatly varied and can be unpredictable. How to use cannabis responsibly? Cannabis use can be …

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