Naturally Grown. Well Flushed. Slow Dried. Hand Trimmed.  More Details Below.


Our experienced farming partners care for their plants using time tested tradition an innovation to refine the most natural growing practices, without toxic pesticides, or other harmful residues or chemicals.  All of our flowers are produced in small batches. Plants are flushed thoroughly before harvest to ensure a clean, irritant-free smoke or vapor.

When harvested, flowers are slow-dried on the stalk for several days, dry-trimmed and then cured for several more. This is to ensure maximum flavor, aroma and potency.   Our packaging is biodegradable. Just remove the sticker and the rest of the bag can go into the compost.

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We curate our cannabis menu carefully, selecting only choice aromatics and aesthetics; always with a clean finish.

We honour small business practices that treat everyone with fairness and integrity.

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