Full Body Experience Valentine’s Package


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This package is designed to bring body a full body experience with a most delightful selection of our products. You will find in this package:


1 Nectar Sex Lube:https://www.islandherb.ca/shop/topicals/lovenectar-sex-lube/

1 Bath Bomb from Rising Moon: https://www.islandherb.ca/shop/topicals/bath-bombs/

1 Magik Balm from Rising Moon: https://www.islandherb.ca/shop/blends/magik-balm/

3 Salt of the Eath Caramels:  https://www.islandherb.ca/shop/edibles/salt-of-the-earth-infused-caramels/

1 Mindflower 40 mg chocolate bar: https://www.islandherb.ca/shop/blends/thc-chocolate-bar/


You can enjoy this offer for self-pleasuring experiences during a loving celebration of your own self or delight in the exploration of these products with a beloved one!


Enjoy !

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