Hike up High / Cannabis Gift Box


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Hike up High – Cannabis Gift Box

Perhaps you need a bit of energy for your next big hike? Add a little sparkle to your nature experience?

This special box will surely make any of your next adventure very uplifting! We have picked a few products we think would easily fit in your backpack on your next nature excursion. We also included a sore muscle rub for relieving any sore muscles after strenuous exercise.

In this box you will find:

Herb Majestea: These beautiful full spectrum CBD teas will make a perfect drink to keep in your thermos during these colder days. 

1 THC Boost Gummy tin, 150mg: One of our most popular products in the store, the BOOST gummies come in a handy packaging which makes them ideal to carry anywhere you go. Each gummy has a 10 mg THC content and tastes delicious !  

Ancient Mind 30 caps x 100 mg: A new product we developed this year, Ancient Mind Psilocybin Mushroom microdose will help you feel uplifted and help you see new perspectives. These capsules have a 100 mg psilocybin per capsule with other beneficial  medicinal ingredients. 

45ml Sore Muscle Rub from Liberation Herbals: Finally, this island famous salve will be your best friend when you are back home, sore from all your holiday adventures. This full spectrum cbd/thc salve will help your sore muscles relax and recuperate ! 

Each box also contains a beautiful, high quality Christmas ornament.

We hope whoever gets this wonderful package enjoys it as much as we do 🙂 ! 

Happy Holidays ! 

**This Box is easily customizeable if you want to exchange the Ancient Mind Microdose for a Psilocybin Product**


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