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HiLite Cannabis Oil E-Pens

After a long search, we have finally found a beautiful new Cannabis Oil E-pen that we love!

While they are not made here in the islands, we feel like this is a product that we can stand behind.

These pens have no glycol or glycerine additives… Just THC Cannabis oil, and natural Terpene flavours from specific strains.

Available in 2 flavours: Gelato (mildly sweet, distinctly cannabis) and Blue Dream.

Beautiful heavy duty hardware and a single button for easy pulling.  Minimal, mostly cardboard packaging and minimal branding on the pen itself.  Amazing long-life batteries! One charge can last up to a week with regular use.

Each cartridge holds 1 ml of high quality cannabis oil extract, which amounts to anywhere from 50 – 100 puffs, depending on your draw.

Made with 99% pure THC distillate & Cannabis derived terpenes.


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Blue Dream, Gelato, Grandaddy Purp, OG Kush