Smoker’s Delight Sampler Box


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Smoker’s Delight Sampler Box

Everything you need to create a beautiful, potent and euphoric cannabis smoking experience!

Mix and match your strains. Grind and roll beautiful joints enhanced with concentrates. Store your herb at perfect humidity with a CVault tin featuring Boveda 2-way humidity packs.

– 1 ounce or 1/2 ounce of AAAA Dried Flower – up to 4 strains
– 3.5 grams fresh Kief – Premium Blends
– 1 x medium size CVault storage tin with Boveda 2-way humidity pack
– 1 x Grinder/Storage Container
– 1 x Doob Tube
– 2 x OCB Hemp Rolling Papers
– 20 x Swan Filter Tips

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