THC Chocolate Bar


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THC Chocolate Bars
by Mindflower Edibles

Cosmic Smile THC Bars are a rich, vegan dark chocolate bar made with 70% cocoa, in three flavours: Mint, Coffee and Original Dark.Infused with high quality organic full spectrum indica/sativa phoenix tears concentrate, made from whole plant, sun-grown cannabis.

Each ¼ segment of bar is infused with a single dose of 10 mg of THC sourced from high quality organic medicinal RSO concentrates.

Potency: Each 30 g bar has 40 mg of THC and less than 1 mg CBD. 

Use: 4 x 10 mg doses per bar.  For a 5mg dose, eat one square. Excellent for medicinal use. 

Flavours: Mint, Coffee, Dark

Ingredients: Certified organic Dark Chocolate, Cannabis Oil Extract (extracted using food grade organic ethanol), Organic Natural Flavouring.  May contain coconut oil.



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Coffee, Dark, Mint