CBD Mass


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CBD Mass

High CBD Hybrid 60/40 Indica/Sativa

Genetics: Critical Mass x Undisclosed strain from CBD Crew

Flavours: Pine, Peppery, Smooth

Aromas: Diesel, Hash, Flowery

CBD/THC content: Tested by this farmer at 15 – 16% CBD; 5-6% THC

Also known as Medical Mass, this beautiful medicinal strain boasts a 3:1 ratio of CBD:THC!

A cross between Critical Mass and an undisclosed strain from CBD Crew, CBD Mass is a quintessential calming strain, giving a range of soothing and pleasant feelings. The psychoactivity of the THC is minimal, but rather the High CBD melts away stress and leaves you uplifted and calm.   This strain’s high CBD content makes it useful in treating conditions such as anxiety, arthritis, glaucoma, stress, depression, epilepsy, inflammation and much more. 

Can be used on its own, or blended with a High THC strain, to add CBD content and mellow out the experience.  Some people have also reported using it to help them quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. 

This farm only grows this strain once per year, try it while you can!