Magic CBD Oil


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Magic CBD Oil 20:1 CBD:THC

Magic CBD Oil

300mg CBD and 15mg THC per 30 ml Bottle

Full Spectrum, organic, grown from seed, with love, under the sun, on Saltspring Island, BC.

Hand made in small batches from Black Charlotte CBD.

Strain Genetics: Chalotte’s web  x  Vietnamese Black + Willy Nelson

Lab tested 9.343% CBD, 0.669% THC, 0.526% CBC, 0.184% CBG, 0.139% CBDV

Dosage: Start with a micro dose of 0.25 ml (1/4 dropper) containing 2.5mg of CBD. Best to start in the evening, and not when operating machinery or driving a car.

Increase dosage slowly, each session, until desired affects are noticed and experienced. Listen to your body’s feedback and find your happy dosage. Counterintuitively, taking Larger doses is often less beneficial. For example, a macro dose would be 30mg, 3x/day, but often 5-10mg, 1-3x/ day is most effective.

For best absorption, take sublingually, (under the tongue) and hold for 30 seconds or more, then swallow.

Ingredients ~ Organic Coconut MCT oil, Full Spectrum Organic CBD hemp, Organic Peppermint oil.

As our base oil choose to use Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil because of its purity, neutrality, water solubility, and myriad of health benefits. Because of its relative water solubility, when ingested under the tongue, CBD is absorbed directly into the blood stream. It then bypasses the blood brain barrier and goes to work as a powerful adaptogen. CBD can be very effective for calming in the evening, or if you desire, a boost of cognition and a return to centre for day use.

Our CBD oil is curated in a food safe, lead and cadmium free slow cooker, infused at optimal temperatures for 108 hours. One batch at a time, Blessed  every step of the way.

Grown and made for your health and well being of mind, body, and heart.

*May help in the prevention and cure of; ADHD, ALS, alzheimer’s, addiction, anxiety, arthritis, cancer, concussions, inflammation, IBS, insomnia, migraines, mood swings, MS, nausea, osteoarthritis, pain, PTSD, Seizures, Stress.

It is recommended to consult your trusted health care practitioner (preferably experienced in cbd dosages), or research through reputable sources, before choosing if CBD is right for you, especially if you are currently taking any medications or have a medical condition, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Common Feedback: helpful for getting to sleep and staying asleep, feeling relaxed, unwinding, de stressing, and pain management.

It’s also extremely immune system boosting, anti inflammatory, and calming for the nervous system.

When the CB2 receptors of our endocannabinoid system receive CBD from the plant either through our skin, or orally, it encourages our own cannabinoid production. This signals our nervous system to settle into a parasympathetic state of rest and digest. This is when healing happens.

Why full spectrum?

It has been proven that when taken together, plants phytocannabinoids work synergistically to help rerun us to homeostasis. When taken alone, CBD is much less effective and much larger doses are needed. What’s a superstar without their team? Using the whole plant brings the most powerful and efficacious results. Many cannabinoids work in conjunction with others, such as how CBD inhibits the psychotropic affects of THC, and allows for it’s anti-inflammatory and pain relieving affects to be experienced.

If you are not feeling any noticeable affects after a week of frequent use, continue to take the oil daily, or intuitively as needed, increasing the dosage slowly. Sometimes CBD is not affective immediately, and can take some time to accumulate in the body before it starts working it’s magic.

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