Liberation Sore Muscle Rub


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Sore Muscle Rub
by Liberation Herbals

The skilled herbalists at Liberation Herbals recognize that most plants work best in combination.
While cannabis is a brilliant topical pain killer, we have increased the potency of our Sore Muscle Rub by invoking the entourage effect with naturally farmed St. johns wort and comfrey. St. johns wort acts as a local anti-inflammatory, while comfrey heals damaged tissue and joints. Our perfected whole plant extraction methods capture all the potency of the herbs.
The proprietary blend of essential oils we use adds more immediate pain relief and makes Sore Muscle Rub relaxing to the soul.
Made by one of the founding members of the original Vancouver Compassion Club.  This recipe has been perfected over 20 years, and we love it! Excellent grip factor for giving massage.  Comforting and relaxing scent.  All natural ingredients. Grown and made from farm to jar on Salt Spring Island, BC, this is an ethically sourced product.

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45ml jar, 90ml jar