Bulk Phoenix Tears – 10 grams


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High Quality RSO / Phoenix Tears  (10 Gram Jar)

by Mom’s Biodynamic

We are happy to now offer our fresh batch of Mom’s Biodynamic Phoenix Tears in a more affordable, and low waste format, for bulk medicinal users. This RSO is made from a blend of Indica and Hybrid whole plant cannabis.

Each 10 Gram Jar contains 3840 mg THC, and 310 mg of CBD with a full cannabinoid profile.   This amounts to approx. 380 x 10mg doses of THC.

Rather than using a syringe for dosing, the end of a toothpick or chopstick can be dipped into the jar, or one can fill their own syringes as needed.

Extracted from organic, sun grown, whole plant cannabis flowers. This oil has a high THC potency and full spectrum cannabinoid profile. Each RSO / Phoenix Tears syringe comes clearly marked with test results for its batch, providing peace of mind for medicinal members. Produced using an organic, food grade fruit alcohol solvent. Highly medicinal.  Pre-decarboxylated for immediate oral or topical use.

 Potency: HIGH POTENCY!! Use: Can be taken directly under the tongue, added to oil and then mixed with food or drinks, or smeared on a rolling paper to add to joints. HIGHLY POTENT. Dose extremely carefully. One dose is about the size of a grain of rice. Often used by medical users with chronic symptoms, such as pain, MS, cancer, because of its high potency.   Do not operate vehicles or machinery while under the influence.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), also known as Phoenix Tears, was made famous by its namesake Rick Simpson, whose documentary Run from the Cure chronicled his journey healing his skin cancer and helping many others with using cannabis medicinally. Simpson made his oil with mostly super potent indica flowers for their powerful sedative effect, which he believed to be more helpful to the process of healing major physical ailments than the mind stimulating effects of sativa flowers.