THC Distillate


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1 gram syringe of THC distillate.  Co2 extracted. Over 95% THC.

Co2 extracted THC distillate from HiLite. Highly Refined. Clean Dabbing. Edible(Active).  Beautiful Glass Syringe. Made with premium BC marijuana. More than 95% THC.  Potency: This product is very high potency with approximately 950 mg of THC per syringe.  Use with CAUTION in extremely small doses. Each 0.1 ml is about 95 mg THC.  There are no other cannabinoids present in this distillation, therefore no entourage effect.

Use: Distillate can be dabbed or vaped.  It can also be taken under the tongue, or used to create edibles.  Be extremely careful with dosage, and use a minute amount to start.  It is advisable to mix the desired dose with some warm coconut oil to disperse before adding to edibles.


THC Distillate (1g Syringe)