THC:CBD 1:1 Gummies – 4 Pack


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THC:CBD 1:1 Gummies

by OG Original Gummies

These Gummies are big, beautiful, and easy to dose.  Made with pure Cannabis distillate.

Made with both natural and artificial flavours, these are a high quality candy with a consistent dose and delicious flavours.

Large and soft enough to cut a gummy into smaller doses.  4 THC:CBD Gummies per package.

**Not made in the islands.


THC:CBD 1:1 ~ Raspberry Flavour, Blue Package

Each gummy contains a dose of 15 mg CBD, 15 mg THC and 1.7 mg CBN.

Each full package contains: 60 mg CBD, 60 mg THC and 6.8 mg CBN. Net Wt. 36g.


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