Fruit Punch


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Farm: Lady of the Woods

Sativa 100

Genetics: Skunk #1 x Haze x Northern Lights

Flavours: Sweet, Fruity, Sugary, Tropical

Aromas: Tropical Fruit, Sodapop, Candy, Berry

THC content: avg. 17-25%

This superfrosty, candylicious sativa packs some bold, long-lasting cerebral effects, and supercharges the mind with active, social and creative energy. Fruit punch is quick to launch into a buzzy, motivating, fast paced high. Perfect for getting things done, whether creative projects, analytical or innovative.  Excellent for dancing, or exercize or any other brain/body activities. The warm, sometimes giddy high allows for clarity and concentration, although you may experience a trippy sense of time dilation. 

May help soothe aches and pains, releive symptoms of stress and help with concentration.

Not recommended for those who are prone to panic, high anxiety or who have a low tolerance to THC.

Best suited for daytime use.