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Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Genetics: God x Kish (Shishkaberry)

Aromas:, Grape, Lavender, Skunk, Sweet Herbs and Spices, Marshmallow

Flavours: Marshmallow, Skunk, Sweet herbs, grapes

THC content: 13 – 25%

The Canadian bred, indica-dominant Nuken is the result of combining the genetics of Kish with the classic God strain. A strong, robust, upward facing plant, the Nuken flowers are chunky, dense, resinous and incredibly fragrant, and in cooler conditions can reveal beautiful purple veins running through the sage coloured flowers and sugar leaves.  Aromas of Grape, Lavender and Marshmallow abound. Its long lasting, even keeled effects are strong and sometimes spacey, yet not too sedative or narcotic, making it a popular choice for chronic pain or anxiety.


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