High CBD Green Queen


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High CBD Green Queen
by Mindflower Edibles

This beautiful Vancouver Island honey delivers a 3:1 ratio of whole plant, cannabis derived CBD:THC!

The source honey is collected locally on Vancouver Island by a natural beekeeper with 60 years experience. Infused with an organic, sun grown, broad spectrum cannabis oil concentrate, this product is delicious and easy to self-dose.

Potency: Each 1 tsp. contains 10 mg CBD and 3 mg THC

Caution: Although this is high in CBD, there is still enough THC in it for some people to feel a cerebral/body high.  Please be aware of your mindset and setting before using this product.

Use: May help relieve pain, anxiety, insomnia, nausea and other ailments. Add to tea or other beverages, spread on toast, eat raw on the spoon or use in your own edible recipes. Great for micro-dosing.

“A spoonful of honey helps the medicine go down.”

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100ml, 10ml