Dairy Queen


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Dairy Queen:

Sativa Leaning Hybrid

THC Content: 15-18 %

Genetics: Cheese x Cinderella 99

Flavours: Pungent, Nutty, afternotes of Vanilla, Fruity Cheesecake

Aromas: Bright fruity, yet creamy, cheesy aroma, tropical notes, sour tang.

Farm: Lady of the Woods

Dairy Queen hits smokers relatively quickly, creating some changes in perception. Increased mental stimulation and some sensory distortion comes without the disorienting cerebral effects that can accompany some of the stronger sativa strains.  After some time, a physical sense of relaxation sets in.  The slow meld of mental and physical effects can be good for certain kinds of exercise and, notably, sex.  Versatile as a daytime, or evening strain, thanks to its balanced effects.

This strain can help with focus and concentration, and may be helpful for those with attention defecit disorders. Can also possibly ease symptoms of  stress and depression, headaches, and other mild aches and pains.

Also a good strain for those with a low tolerance to THC.