Seashine Organic Sungrown


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Seashine Organic Sungrown

Outdoor Sativa Hybrid 

Farm: High Vibe Farms

Grade: AAA

THC Content: 

Genetics:  Time Warp x Blueberry

Flavours: Full bodied and fragrant

Aromas: Floral, Sweet, Cinnamon

Once a year, we source a beautiful, sun grown outdoor strain for your tasting pleasure – and the Harvest is in!

Seashine is organically grown by High Vibe Farm on Salt Spring Island.

These plants enjoyed full sunshine from 6a.m. ’till 9:p.m this summer, all while overlooking a beautiful ocean view!  As a result, this herb has an expansive and HAPPY vibe to it.  An energetic, daytime smoke which pairs well with gardening, crafting or working with your hands, there is a brightness to the buzz, which is long lasting but clear, and mind opening.
These plants were fed with organic compost, local cow manure, mushroom compost and sea weed collected at shore lines of the Southern Gulf Islands.
Cared for and harvested with much love and cured very slowly in a shady shed, Seashine is a fragrant, flavourful bud with a smooth and easy smoke.  It has sweet floral aroma with hints of sweet cinnamon, beautifully combined and influenced by the winds sun and sea!
Enjoy and transport for a perfect lift!