Violator Kush


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Violator Kush:

Indica dominant Hybrid 80/20

Genetics: Malana Charas x Hindu Kush

Flavours: Spicy, Earthy Pine, Pepper, Flowers, Kush

Aromas: Musky, Earthy Spice

THC content: avg. 19-23 %

CBD content: up to 1.5 %


This strain packs a heavy body buzz that can make you feel relaxed, sleepy and hungry, yet also holds a euphoria that makes many people feel social and quite talkative. A great evening strain to get you locked on the couch in excellent conversation, followed by a restful sleep.  May help relieve symptoms of chronic aches and pains, insomnia, digestive issues, nausea and appetite loss.

Bred by Dutch seed company Barney’s Farm, Violator’s aroma is unique and pungent, and the buds are covered in a thick coating of trichomes.