THC Indica Tincture


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THC Indica Tincture ~ by Mystic Rose

Full Body Relaxation and Pain Relief. Beautiful broad-spectrum alcohol-based tincture made with fresh, organically grown Kush and Indica Dominant cannabis flowers and sugarleaf.  Made with care, using the highest quality organic food-grade ethanol, by a master herbalist.  Most suitable for nighttime use.

Potency: 10 mg THC & 3.6 ml THCA per 1 ml.  Each 30 ml bottle contains 300 mg THC and 108 mg of THCA.

Use: THC Indica Tincture may help with symptoms of chronic pain, insomnia and stress. May also help ease migraines, soothe aches and pains, relieve nausea and stimulate appetite.