THC Tincture 3 Pack


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THC Tincture 3 Pack

Get all 3 of our 30 ml Mystic Rose THC Tinctures at a discounted price!

Made with Organically Grown Cannabis Flowers, Extracted into the Highest Quality Organic Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol.

THC Sativa: Made with a Blend of Durban Poison and Mextiza Flowers to Calm and Uplift the Mind.

THC: 10.6 mg/mL & THCA: 3.9 mg/mL 

THC Indica: Made with a Blend of Purple Kush, Pink Kush and G-Code Flowers for Full Body Relaxation.

THC: 10 mg/mL & THCA: 3.6 mg/mL

THC Hybrid: Made with Super Crystalline Ambrosia Flowers, to Calm and Uplift the Mind and Relax the Body.

THC: 11.8 mg/mL & THCA 6.8 mg / mL