Bath Bombs


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Bath Bombs by Rising Moon Botanicals

A nourishing, sensuous self-care ritual with an enhanced relaxation effect. One soak will expose your body to 50mg of THC for the ultimate relaxation without psychoactive effects. Each hand made bath bomb has flower petals and will fizz down to a semi precious gemstone. ​All Rising Moon bath bombs are packaged in Seeded Paper boxes. Plant the box after use and watch your wild flowers grow.


CITRUS: This rich, luxurious bath bomb has a lemon coconut scent and will fizz down to a citrine gemstone at its center. Citrine is said to attract prosperity, good fortune and generosity. The warm, sensual aromas of coconut and lemon help to relax, soothe, and uplift. ​

BLOOM: This delightful, handmade bath bomb has an uplifting floral scent and will fizz down to an amethyst crystal. Amethyst is thought to relieve stress and bring spiritual growth and protection, helping to rid your body and home of negative energy. Organic essential oils of Bergamot, Clary Sage and Geranium, bring a sense of deep calm and relaxation.

Potency: 100 mg THC. Not Psychoactive.

Use: Dissolve into a nice, hot relaxing bath and soak.



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Bloom, Citrus